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Books Published by Harper with the Charlotte Zolotow Imprint

From 1981 to 1993, more than a hundred books for children and teenagers were published with the distinctive tulip insignia that marked books edited by Charlotte Zolotow. The books bearing her imprint show the wide range of talented authors who were nurtured by this gifted editor. The following Charlotte Zolotow Books are part of the permanent collection of the Cooperative Children's Book Center.


Kuskin, Karla. Something Sleeping in the Hall. (An I Can Read Book)


Banks, Lynne Reid. The Writing on the Wall.
Bulla, Clyde Robert. Poor Boy, Rich Boy. Illustrated by Marcia Sewall.
Chaikin, Miriam. Getting Even. Illustrated by Richard Egielski.
Hurd, Edith Thacher. I Dance in My Red Pajamas. Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully.
Jones, Adrienne. Whistle down a Dark Lane.
Kerr, M.E. What I Really Think of You.
Kuskin, Karla. The Philharmonic Gets Dressed. Illustrated by Marc Simont.
Lipsyte, Robert. Jock and Jill.
Lipsyte, Robert. The Summerboy.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Cassie Binegar.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Mama One, Mama Two. Illustrated by Ruth Bornstein.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Tomorrow's Wizard. Illustrated by Kathy Jacobi.
Robinson, Barbara. Temporary Times, Temporary Places.
Rodgers, Mary. Summer Switch.
Wersba, Barbara. The Carnival in My Mind.
Wersba, Barbara. The Crystal Child. Illustrated by Donna Diamond.
Yep, Laurence. The Dragon of the Lost Sea.
Yep, Laurence. Kind Hearts and Gentle Monsters.


Chaikin, Miriam. How Yossi Beat the Evil Urge. Illustrated by Petra Mathers.
Chambers, Aidan. Dance on My Grave: A Life and Death in Four Parts, One-Hundred-and-Seventeen Bits, Six Running Reports, and Two Press Clippings, with a Few Jokes, a Puzzle or Three, Some Footnotes, and a Fiasco Now and Then to Help the Story Along.
Fisher, Aileen. Rabbits, Rabbits. Illustrated by Gail Niemann.
Fleischman, Paul. Graven Images: Three Stories. Illustrated by Andrew Glass.
Fleischman, Paul. Path of the Pale Horse.
Hamilton, Virginia. The Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl.
Hopkins, Lee Bennett. The Sky Is Full of Song: Poems. Illustrated by Dirk Zimmer.
Kerr, M.E. Me Me Me Me Me: Not a Novel.
Jones, Adrienne. A Matter of Spunk.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Seven Kisses in a Row.
Hunter, Mollie. The Knight of the Golden Plain. Illustrated by Marc Simont.
Skofield, James. Snow Country. Illustrated by Laura J. Allen.


Aiken, Joan. Mortimer's Cross. Illustrated by Quentin Blake.
Chambers, Aidan. The Present Takers.
Goffstein, M.B. A Writer.
Highwater, Jamake. Legend Days: Part One of the Ghost Horse Cycle.
Hoopes, Lyn Littlefield. Daddy's Coming Home. Illustrated by Bruce Degen.
Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Surprises: Poems. Illustrated by Megan Lloyd. (An I Can Read Book)
Hunter, Mollie. Hold on to Love.
Kerr, M.E. Him She Loves?
MacLachlan, Patricia. Unclaimed Treasures.
Magorian, Michelle. Back Home.
Skofield, James. All Wet! All Wet! Illustrated by Diane Stanley.
Zindel, Paul. Harry & Hortense at Hormone High.


Aiken, Joan. Up the Chimney Down, and Other Stories.
Chaikin, Miriam. Yossi Asks the Angels for Help. Illustrated by Petra Mathers.
Chambers, Aidan. Out of Time: Stories.
Fleischman, Paul. Coming-and-Going Men: Four Tales. Illustrated by Randy Gaul.
Fleischman, Paul. I Am Phoenix: Poems for Two Voices. Illustrated by Ken Nutt.
Goffstein, M.B. An Artist's Album.
Hamilton, Virginia. Junius Over Far.
Highwater, Jamake. The Ceremony of Innocence: Part Two of the Ghost Horse Cycle.
Hunter, Mollie. The Three-Day Enchantment: A Knight of the Golden Plain Story. Illustrated by Marc Simont.
Kerr, M.E. I Stay Near You: One Story in Three.
MacLachlan, Patricia. Sarah, Plain and Tall.


Arkin, Alan. The Clearing.
Chambers, Aidan. Booktalk: Occasional Writing on Literature and Children.
Chambers, Aidan. Shades of Dark: Stories.
Dana, Barbara. Necessary Parties.
Fisher, Aileen. When It Comes to Bugs: Poems. Illustrated by Chris and Bruce Degen.
Fleischman, Paul. Rear-View Mirrors.
Geller, Mark. My Life in Seventh Grade.
Goffstein, M.B. Our Snowman.
Goffstein, M.B. School of Names.
Graber, Richard. Doc.
Highwater, Jamake. I Wear the Morning Star: Part Three of the Ghost Horse Cycle.
Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Best Friends: Poems. Illustrated by James Watts.
Hughes, Frieda. Getting Rid of Aunt Edna. Illustrated by Ed Levine.
Hunter, Mollie. Cat, Herself.
Jones, Toeckey. Skindeep.
Kerr, M.E. Night Kites.
Kuskin, Karla. The Dallas Titans Get Ready for Bed. Illustrated by Marc Simont.
Levoy, Myron. Pictures of Adam.
Wersba, Barbara. Crazy Vanilla.


Aiken, Joan. Mortimer Says Nothing. Illustrated by Quentin Blake.
Chaikin, Miriam. Yossi Tries to Help God. Illustrated by Denise Saldutti.
Chambers, Aidan. A Haunt of Ghosts: Stories.
Chambers, Aidan. NIK (Now I Know).
Crawford, Charles P. Split Time.
Farber, Norma and Myra Cohn Livingston. These Small Stones.
Geller, Mark. What I Heard.
Goffstein, Brooke. An Actor.
Goffstein, M.B. Artists' Helpers Enjoy the Evenings.
Gordon, Ruth. Under All Silences: Shades of Love: An Anthology of Love Poems.
Hopkins, Lee Bennett. More Surprises: Poems. Illustrated by Megan Lloyd. (An I Can Read Book)
Jones, Adrienne. Street Family.
Kerr, M.E. Fell.
Kuskin, Karla. Jerusalem, Shining Still. Illustrated by David Frampton.
Lewis, Claudia. Long Ago in Oregon. Illustrated by Joel Fontaine.
Wersba, Barbara. Fat: A Love Story.
Zindel, Paul. The Amazing Death-Defying Diary of Eugene Dingman.


Aiken, Joan. The Last Slice of Rainbow, and Other Stories. Illustrated by Alix Berenzy.
Aiken, Joan. The Teeth of the Gale.
Chaikin, Miriam. Friends Forever. Illustrated by Richard Egielski.
Deaver, Julie Reece. Say Goodnight, Gracie.
Fisher, Aileen. The House of a Mouse. Illustrated by Joan Sandin.
Fleischman, Paul. Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices. Illustrated by Eric Beddows.
Fleischman, Paul. Rondo in C. Illustrated by Janet Wentworth.
Goffstein, Brooke. Our Prairie Home: A Picture Album.
Graham, Margaret Bly. Benjy and His Friend Fifi.
Hoffman, Phyllis. Baby's First Year. Illustrated by Sarah Wilson.
Hoopes, Lyn Littlefield. Mommy Daddy, Me. Illustrated by Ruth Lercher Bornstein.
Levoy, Myron. The Magic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen.
MacLachlan, Patricia. The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt.
Robinson, Barbara. My Brother Louis Measures Worms, and Other Louis Stories.
Rochman, Hazel. Somehow Tenderness Survives: Stories of Southern Africa.
Wersba, Barbara. Beautiful Losers.
Wersba, Barbara. Just Be Gorgeous.


Block, Francesca Lia. Weetzie Bat.
Chaikin, Miriam. Feathers in the Wind. Illustrated by Denise Saldutti.
Hoopes, Lyn Littlefield. Half a Button. Illustrated by Trish Parcell Watts.
Kerr, M.E. Fell Back.
McCullough, Frances. Earth, Air, Fire & Water: A Collection of Poetry.
Turner, Ann. Heron Street. Illustrated by Lisa Desimini.
Wersba, Barbara. Wonderful Me.
Zindel, Paul. A Begonia for Miss Applebaum.


Block, Francesca Lia. Witch Baby.
Gordon, Ruth. Time Is the Longest Distance: An Anthology of Poems.
Kerr, M.E. Fell Down.


Block, Francesca Lia. Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys.
Kuskin, Karla. Soap Soup, and Other Poems. (An I Can Read Book)


Gordon, Ruth. Peeling the Onion.
Zindel, Paul. David & Della.
Zindel, Paul. The Pigman & Me.


The CCBC maintains a collection of all Charlotte Zolotow imprint books in its Basic Collection. This bibliography was compiled in 1998 by Kathleen T. Horning in honor of the first annual Charlotte Zolotow Award and Lecture.
© 1998 Cooperative Children's Book Center


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