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Children's Books by
Wisconsin Authors and Illustrators

2011 Identification Record

Compiled by Merri V. Lindgren

Last updated: June 20, 2016

The Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC) annually identifies and compiles a record of those children's and young adult books received by the CCBC that have been written, compiled, translated and/or illustrated by Wisconsin book creators.

An annotated listing of Books for Children and Young Adults about Wisconsin People, Places, and Topics of Interest features books published from 1996 to the present that have been received by the CCBC and are about Wisconsin-related topics.

The CCBC always welcomes information about Wisconsin creators of children's books. If you are a Wisconsin author or illustrator who had a book published in 2011 and it is not on this list, or if you have additional information about your connection to the state of Wisconsin, please contact Merri Lindgren.

The 2011 Identification Record lists book citations alphabetically by their Wisconsin creator (author, illustrator, compiler or translator) and offers a suggested age range for readers.

This CCBC 2011 Identification Record supplements earlier annual CCBC print listings and includes those titles published and received to-date during 2011. New books will be added as we receive them.

A listing in this document does not represent a recommendation by the CCBC staff.

  • Avi, author. City of Orphans. Illustrated by Greg Ruth.
    A Richard Jackson Book / Atheneum, 2011. 350 pages (978-1-4169-7102-3) Ages 9-12
  • Avi Wortis currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and writes under the pen name "Avi." He earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communications from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • Bauer, Marion Dane, author. The Golden Ghost.
    Illustrated by Peter Ferguson. Random House, 2011.
    86 pages (978-0-375-86649-4) Ages 8-11

  • Bauer, Marion Dane, author. In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.
    Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully. Holiday House, 2011.
    32 pages (978-0-8234-2238-8) Ages 4-8

  • Bauer, Marion Dane, author. The Very Little Princess: Rose's Story.
    Illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles. (A Stepping Stone Book)
    Random House, 2011. 121 pages (978-0-375-85692-1) Ages 6-9
  • Marion Dane Bauer lived in Delafield and Waukesha; she currently lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
  • Bick, Ilsa J., author. Ashes.
    Egmont, 2011. 465 pages (978-1-60684-175-4) Ages 13-16
  • Ilsa J. Bick lives in a small town near Sheboygan.
  • Bowe, Julie, author. My Forever Friends. (Friends for Keeps)
    Dial, 2011. 215 pages (978-0-8037-3513-2) Ages 7-11
  • Julie Bowe grew up in Luck, Wisconsin, and now lives near Eau Claire.
  • Calder, Joan Z., author. Airplanes in the Garden: Monarch Butterflies Take Flight. Illustrated by Cathy Quiel.
    Patio Publishing, 2011. 32 pages (978-0-9832962-1-8) Ages 4-10
  • Joan Zipperer Calder grew up in Cato. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently resides in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Cameron, Ann, author. Spunky Tells All. Illustrated by Lauren Castillo.
    Farrar Straus Giroux, 2011. 105 pages (978-0-374-38000-7) Ages 6-9
  • Ann Cameron was born in Rice Lake. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon.
  • Chaconas, Dori, author. Cork & Fuzz: The Swimming Lesson.
    Illustrated by Lisa McCue. (A Viking Easy-to-Read) Viking, 2011.
    32 pages (978-0-670-01281-7) Ages 4-7

  • Chaconas, Dori, author. Hurry Down to the Derry Fair.
    Illustrated by Gillian Tyler. Candlewick Press, 2011.
    32 pages (978-0-7636-3208-3) Ages 3-5
  • Dori Chaconas lives in Germantown.
  • Cole, Brock, author/illustrator. The Money We'll Save.
    Margaret Ferguson Books / Farrar Straus Giroux, 2011.
    32 pages (978-0-374-35011-6) Ages 4-8
  • Brock Cole taught in the Philosophy department at UW-Madison in the early 1970s and currently lives in Buffalo, New York.
  • Córdova, Amy, illustrator. Roses for Isabella.
    Written by Diana Cohn. Afterword by Lynn Lohr.
    SteinerBooks, 2011. 32 pages (978-0-88010-731-0) Ages 5-9

  • Córdova, Amy, author/illustrator. Talking Eagle and the Lady of Roses.
    Written by Amy Córdova and Eugene Gollogly.
    SteinerBooks, 2011. 32 pages (978-0-88010-719-8) Ages 5-9
  • Amy Córdova was born in southwestern Wisconsin, and attended UW - LaCrosse and Viterbo University. She currently lives in Taos, New Mexico.
  • Cremer, Andrea, author. Wolfsbane. (A Nightshade Novel)
    Philomel, 2011. 390 pages (978-0-399-25483-3) Age 14 and older
  • Andrea Cremer grew up in northern Wisconsin. She now lives in Minneapolis.
  • Dorros, Arthur, author. Mamá and Me. Illustrated by Rudy Gutierrez.
    Rayo/HarperCollins, 2011. 24 pages (978-0-06-058160-2) Ages 3-6
  • Arthur Dorros earned his B.A. in English from UW-Madison. He currently lives in Seattle.
  • Ehlert, Lois, author/illustrator. Rrralph.
    Beach Lane Books, 2011. 32 pages (978-1-4424-1305-4) Ages 3-8

  • Ehlert, Lois, illustrator. Ten Little Caterpillars.
    Written by Bill Martin Jr.
    Beach Lane Books, 2011. 32 pages (978-1-4424-3385-4) Ages 3-7
  • Lois Ehlert grew up in Beaver Dam. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Layton School of Art. She now lives in Milwaukee.
  • Ettlinger, Doris, illustrator. A Book for Black-Eyed Susan.
    Written by Judy Young. Sleeping Bear Press, 2011.
    32 pages (978-1-58536-463-3) Ages 5-9
  • A graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Doris Ettlinger lives in New Jersey.
  • Eulberg, Elizabeth, author. Prom & Prejudice.
    Point / Scholastic, Inc., 2011. 231 pages (978-0-545-24077-2) Ages 13-16
  • Elizabeth Eulberg was born and raised in Portage. She now lives in New York City.
  • Farrey, Brian, author. With or Without You.
    Simon Pulse, 2011. 348 pages (978-1-4424-0699-5) Age 14 and older
  • Brian Farrey was born in Wisconsin and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin -- Stevens Point. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • George, Lindsay Barrett, author/illustrator. That Pup!
    Greenwillow/HarperCollins, 2011. 32 pages (978-0-06-200413-0) Ages 2-5
  • Lindsay Barrett George received her Master of Fine Arts degree from UW-Madison in 1977. She lives in Pennsylvania.
  • Halfmann, Janet, author. Star of the Sea: A Day in the Life of a Starfish.
    Illustrated by Joan Paley. Christy Ottaviano Books / Henry Holt, 2011.
    32 pages (978-0-8050-9073-4) Ages 5-9.
  • Janet Halfmann lives in South Milwaukee.
  • Hautman, Pete, author. The Big Crunch.
    Scholastic Press, 2011. 280 pages (978-0-545-24075-8) Age 14 and older.
  • Pete Hautman currently spends part of each year living in Stockholm, Wisconsin.
  • Henkes, Kevin, author. Junonia.
    Greenwillow / HarperCollins, 2011. 176 pages (978-0-06-196417-6) Ages 8-11
  • Kevin Henkes was born and raised in Racine. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and now lives in Madison.
  • Herbach, Geoff, author. Stupid Fast.
    Sourcebooks Fire, 2011. 311 pages (978-1-4022-5630-1) Ages 13-16.
  • A current resident of Mankato, Minnesota, Geoff Herbach grew up in Platteville and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Hunt, Nancy Nye, author. Aldo Leopold's Shack: Nina's Story.
    Foreword by Nina Leopold Bradley. Illustrated by Earl J. Madden.
    The Center for American Places at Columbia College Chicago, 2011.
    81 pages (978-1-935195-17-7) Age 8 and older.
  • A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nancy Nye Hunt lives in Wisconsin's Driftless area.
  • Jacobson, Andrew, author. Secrets of the Crown.
    Written by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson.
    Illustrated by Peter Chan and Kei Acedera.
    (The Familiars, book 2) Harper/HarperCollins, 2011.
    374 pages (978-0-06-196111-3) Ages 8-12
  • Andrew Jacobson grew up in Milwaukee and now lives in Los Angeles, California.
  • Joosse, Barbara, author. Dog Parade.
    Illustrated by Eugene Yelchin.
    Harcourt / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011. 40 pages (978-0-15-206690-1) Ages 3-7
  • Barbara Joosse was born in Grafton, and has lived in Hartford, Wauwatosa, Madison and Wausau. She now lives in Cedarburg.
  • Kann, Bob, author. Cordelia Harvey: Civil War Angel.
    (Badger Biography Series)
    Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2011.
    119 pages (978-0-87020-458-6) Ages 9-12.
  • Bob Kann received his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was a Professor of Education at UW-Parkside. He lives in Madison.
  • Kelley, Jane, author. Nature Girl.
    Yearling, 2011. (reprint edition) 256 pages (978-0375856358) Ages 8-12
  • Jane Kelley lives in Mequon.
  • Krull, Kathleen, author. Big Wig: A Little History of Hair.
    Illustrated by Peter Malone. Arthur A. Levine Books / Scholastic Inc., 2011. 48 pages
    (978-0-439-67640-3) Ages 8-12

  • Krull, Kathleen, author. Jim Henson: The Guy Who Played with Puppets.
    Illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.
    Random House, 2011. 35 pages
    (978-0-375-85721-8) Ages 6-10

  • Krull, Kathleen, author. Lives of the Presidents: Fame, Shame (and What the Neighbors Thought).
    Illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt.
    Harcourt / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011. 104 pages
    (978-0-547-49809-6) Ages 8-12
  • Born in Missouri, Kathleen Krull earned her BA from Lawrence University in Appleton. She worked for Raintree Publishers in Milwaukee and Western Publishing in Racine in the 1970s. She now lives in San Diego.
  • Kummer, Patricia A., author. The Food of Thailand. (Flavors of the World)
    Marshall Cavendish, 2011. 64 pages (978-1-60870-238-1) Ages 7-10
  • Patricia Kummer has a graduate degree in history from Marquette University. She currently lives in Illinois.
  • LaFaye, A., author. Walking Home to Rosie Lee.
    Illustrated by Keith D. Shepherd.
    Cinco Puntos Press, 2011. 32 pages (978-1-933693-97-2) Ages 5-8
  • Alexandra LaFaye was born in Hudson and grew up in Hammond. She currently lives in Arkansas.
  • LaMarche, Jim, illustrator. The Carpenter's Gift: A Christmas Tale About the Rockefeller Center Tree.
    Written by David Rubel. Random House, 2011. 40 pages (978-0-375-86922-8) Ages 4-8

  • LaMarche, Jim, illustrator. The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye. Written by Jane Yolen.
    Random House, 2011. 24 pages (978-0-375-86663-0) Ages 4-8
  • Jim LaMarche grew up in Kewaskum and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He lives in Santa Cruz, California.
  • Lichtenheld, Tom, author/illustrator. Cloudette.
    Christy Ottaviano Books / Henry Holt, 2011.
    40 pages (978-0-8050-8776-5) Ages 4-8

  • Lichtenheld, Tom, illustrator. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.
    Written by Sherri Duskey Rinker. Chronicle, 2011.
    32 pages (978-0-8118-7782-4) Ages 3-6
  • A current resident of Chicago, Illinois, Tom Lichtenheld has lived in Racine and Madison. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • Lorbiecki, Marybeth, author. Things Natural, Wild, and Free: The Life of Aldo Leopold.
    Fulcrum, 2011. 106 pages (978-1-55591-474-5) Ages 8-12
  • Marybeth Lorbiecki lives in Hudson.
  • Lowden, Stephanie Golightly, author. Jingo Fever.
    Crickhollow Books, 2011. 127 pages (978-1-933987-16-3) Ages 8-12
  • Stephanie Golightly Lowden lives in Madison. She has attended the University of Wisconsin in both Milwaukee and Madison.
  • Macken, JoAnn Early, author. Baby Says "Moo!"
    Illustrated by David Walker.
    Disney / Hyperion Books, 2011. 32 pages (978-1-4231-3400-8) Ages 1-3
  • JoAnn Early Macken lives in Shorewood.
  • Malone, Bobbie, author. Learning from the Land: Wisconsin Land Use. 2nd edition.
    (The New Badger History Series)
    Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2011. 160 pages (978-0-87020-464-7) Ages 9-12
  • Bobbie Malone works for the Wisconsin State Historical Society.
  • McLimans, David, author/illustrator. Big Turtle.
    Walker & Company, 2011. 32 pages (978-0-8027-2282-9) Ages 4-8
  • David McLimans lives in Madison.
  • Morris, Gerald, author. the Adventures of Sir Gawain the True.
    Illustrated by Aaron Renier. (The Knights' Tales)
    Houghton Mifflin / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011.
    118 pages (978-0-547-41855-1) Ages 7-10
  • Gerald Morris lives in Wausau.
  • Pferdehirt, Julia, author. Blue Jenkins: Working for Workers.
    (Badger Biographies Series) Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2011.
    150 pages (978-0-87020-427-2) Ages 10-13

  • Pferdehirt, Julia, author. Freedom Train North: Stories of the Underground Railroad in Wisconsin.
    Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2011.
    126 pages (978-0-87020-474-6) Ages 9-12
  • Julia Pferdehirt lives in Middleton.
  • Renier, Aaron, illustrator. See Gerald Morris above.
  • Aaron Renier grew up in Green Bay and attended art school in Milwaukee. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Rodman, Mary Ann, author. Camp K-9. Illustrated by Nancy Hayashi.
    Peachtree, 2011. 32 pages (978-1-56145-561-4) Ages 4-8
  • Mary Ann Rodman worked at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh. She currently lives in Alpharetta, Georgia.
  • Roth, Susan L., illustrator. Dream Something Big: The Story of the Watts Towers.
    Written by Dianna Hutts Aston.
    Dial, 2011. 32 pages (978-0-8037-3245-2) Ages 5-10

  • Roth, Susan L., author/illustrator. The Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families.
    Written by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore.
    Lee & Low, 2011. 32 pages (978-1-60060-459-1) Ages 5-9
  • Susan Roth spent part of her childhood in Madison. She currently lives in New York City.
  • Schaefer, Laura, author. The Secret Ingredient.
    A Paula Wiseman Book / Simon & Schuster, 2011. 230 pages (978-1-4424-1959-9) Ages 12-15
  • Laura Schaefer lives in Madison.
  • Schindler, S. D., illustrator. Hornbooks and Inkwells.
    Written by Verla Kay. Putnam, 2011. 32 pages (978-0-399-23870-3) Ages 6-10

  • Schindler, S. D., illustrator. The Unforgettable Season:
    The Story of Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and the Record-Setting Summer of '41.
    Written by Phil Bildner. Putnam, 2011. 32 pages (978-0-399-25591-4) Ages 5-10
  • S. D. Schindler is a native of Racine. He now lives in Philadelphia.
  • Schmatz, Pat, author. Bluefish.
    Candlewick Press, 2011. 226 pages (978-0-7636-5334-7)
    ges 10-14
  • Pat Schmatz grew up and currently lives in Amherst.
  • Stein, Eric, author. White Water.
    Written by Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein. Illustrated by Shadra Strickland.
    Candlewick Press, 2011. 40 pages (978-0-7636-3678-4) Ages 5-9
  • A current resident of California, Eric Stein grew up in Madison.
  • Vamos, Samantha R., author. The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred.
    Illustrated by Rafael López.
    Charlesbridge, 2011. 32 pages (978-1-58089-242-1) Ages 3-6
  • Samantha Vamos was born in Madison. She currently resides in Washington state.
  • Yep, Laurence, author. Dragons of Silk. (Golden Mountain Chronicles: 1835-2011)
    Harper/HarperCollins, 2011. 339 pages (978-0-06-027518-1) Ages 9-13

  • Yep, Laurence, author. The Star Maker.
    Harper/HarperCollins, 2011. 100 pages (978-0-06-025315-8) Ages 8-12
  • Laurence Yep grew up in San Francisco. He attended Marquette University. He now lives in Pacific Grove, California.

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