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Children's Books by
Wisconsin Authors and Illustrators

2014 Identification Record

Compiled by Merri V. Lindgren

Last updated: October 1, 2017

The Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC) annually identifies and compiles a record of those children's and young adult books received by the CCBC that have been written, compiled, translated and/or illustrated by Wisconsin book creators.

An annotated listing of Books for Children and Young Adults about Wisconsin People, Places, and Topics of Interest features books published from 1996 to the present that have been received by the CCBC and are about Wisconsin-related topics.

The CCBC always welcomes information about Wisconsin creators of children's books. If you are a Wisconsin author or illustrator who had a book published in 2014 and it is not on this list, or if you have additional information about your connection to the state of Wisconsin, please contact Merri Lindgren.

The 2014 Identification Record lists book citations alphabetically by their Wisconsin creator (author, illustrator, compiler or translator) and offers a suggested age range for readers.

This CCBC 2014 Identification Record supplements earlier annual CCBC print listings and includes those titles published and received to-date during 2014. New books will be added as we receive them.

A listing in this document does not represent a recommendation by the CCBC staff.

  • Addy, Sharon Hart, author. K: A Girl's Life in Friendship, 1905-'06.
    Adams County Historical Society, 2014. 68 pages (978-0-938627-73-3) Ages 7-12
  • Sharon Hart Addy lives in Oak Creek.
  • Bauer, Marion Dane, author. Celebrating Illinois.
    Illustrated by C. B. Canga.
    (Fifty States to Celebrate)
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 36 pages (978-0-544-12375-5) Ages 5-9

  • Bauer, Marion Dane, author. Celebrating Massachusetts.
    Illustrated by C. B. Canga.
    (Fifty States to Celebrate)
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 36 pages (978-0-544-11972-7) Ages 5-9

  • Bauer, Marion Dane, author. Celebrating North Carolina.
    Illustrated by C. B. Canga.
    (Fifty States to Celebrate)
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 36 pages (978-0-544-28827-0) Ages 5-9
  • Marion Dane Bauer lived in Delafield and Waukesha; she currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Bausum, Ann, author. Stubby the War Dog: The True Story of World War I's Bravest Dog.
    National Geographic, 2014. 72 pages (978-1-4263-1486-5) Ages 8-12
  • Ann Bausum lives in Beloit.
  • Behrens, Rebecca, author. When Audrey Met Alice.
    Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2014. 294 pages (978-1-4022-8642-1) Ages 10-13
  • A current resident of New York City, Rebecca Behrens grew up in Madison.
  • Bick, Ilsa J., author. White Space. (The Dark Passages: Book 1)
    Egmont, 2014. 551 pages (978-1-60684-419-9)) Age 14 and older
  • Ilsa J. Bick lives in a small town near Sheboygan.
  • Bodeen, S.A., author. Shipwreck Island.
    Feiwel and Friends, 2014. 184 pages (978-1-250-02777-1)) Ages 9-12
  • A current resident of Hudson, S.A. Bodeen grew up in Humbird.
  • Camper, Cathy, author. Lowriders in Space.
    Illustrated by Raúl the Third.
    Chronicle, 2014. 110 pages (978-1-4521-2155-0) Ages 10-14
  • Cathy Camper was born in Madison. She now lives in Portland, Oregon.
  • Chan, Crystal, author. Bird.
    Atheneum, 2014. 295 pages (978-1-4424-5089-9) Ages 9-12
  • A current resident of Chicago, Crystal Chan attended Lawrence University in Appleton.

  • Davis, Beverly, author. Great Gray.
    Illustrated by Linda Cowen.
    thewordverve, 2014. 42 pages (978-1-94125-105-8) Ages 5-9
  • Beverly Davis was the pastor of a UCC church in north central Wisconsin before moving to Milwaukee, where she currently lives.
  • Davis, Kathryn Gibbs, author. Mr. Ferris and His Wheel.
    Illustrated by Gilbert Ford.
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 40 pages (978-0-547-95922-1) Ages 5-9
  • Kathryn Gibbs Davis was born in Milwaukee and lived in Mequon. She now lives in New York City.
  • Dronzek, Laura, illustrator. It is Night.
    Written by Phyllis Rowand.
    Greenwillow / HarperCollins, 2014. 32 pages (978-0-06-225024-7) Ages 2-5
  • Laura Dronzek holds an M.F.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has lived in Middleton and Madison, where she currently resides.

  • Ehlert, Lois, author / illustrator. Lots of Spots.
    Little Simon, 2014. 36 pages (board book: 978-1-4424-8927-1) Ages 2-5

  • Ehlert, Lois, author / illustrator. The Scraps Book: Notes From a Colorful Life.
    Beach Lane Books, 2014. 64 pages (978-1-4424-3571-1) Ages 5-10
  • Lois Ehlert grew up in Beaver Dam. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Layton School of Art. She now lives in Milwaukee.
  • Eulberg, Elizabeth, author. Better off Friends.
    Point / Scholastic, Inc., 2014. 276 pages (978-0-545-55145-8) Age 13 and older
  • Elizabeth Eulberg was born and raised in Portage. She now lives in New York City.
  • Godin, Thelma Lynne, author. The Hula-Hoopin' Queen.
    Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.
    Lee & Low, 2014. 40 pages (978-1-60060-846-9) Ages 4-8
  • Thelma Lynne Godin lives in Milwaukee.
  • Gowey, Dr. Brandie, NMD, illustrator. See Christine Ann Gowey, below.
  • A current resident of Flagstaff, Arizona, Dr. Brandie Gowey, NMD, grew up in Sparta and graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • Gowey, Christine Ann, author. Moranda and the Mountain.
    Illustrated by Dr. Brandie Gowey, NMD.
    Christine Ann Gowey, 2014. 24 pages (978-0-692-33224-5) Ages 3-7

  • Gowey, Christine Ann, author. Zip & Zap Take a Nap.
    Illustrated by Andi Kleinman.
    Morgan James, 2014. 32 pages (978-1-61448-788-3) Ages 4-8
  • A resident of Sparta, Christine Ann Gowey is a graduate of the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Hale, Kathleen, author. No One Else Can Have You.
    HarperTeen / HarperCollins, 2014. 382 pages (978-0-06-221119-4) Ages 5-10
  • Kathleen Hale was born in Milwaukee.
  • Halfmann, Janet, author. Animal Teachers.
    Illustrated by Katy Hudson.
    Blue Apple, 2014. 32 pages (978-1-60905-391-8) Ages 4-8
  • Janet Halfmann lives in South Milwaukee.
  • Hansen, Carol M., author. The Lights of Diwali.
    Edited by Laurel Traye.
    Friesen Press, 2014. 79 pages (978-1-4602-5512-4) Ages 8-12
  • Carol Hansen lives in Madison.
  • Hautman, Pete, author. The Klaatu Terminus. (The Klaatu Diskos, Book Three)
    Candlewick Press, 2014. 358 pages (978-0-7636-5405-4) Age 14 and older.
  • Pete Hautman currently spends part of each year living in Stockholm, Wisconsin.
  • Jacobson, Andrew, author. Palace of Dreams.
    Written by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson.
    Illustrated by Dave Phillips.
    (The Familiars #4) Harper/HarperCollins, 2014.
    323 pages (978-0-06-212029-8) Ages 8-12

  • Jacobson, Andrew, author. Rebellion.
    Written by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson.
    (Starbounders 2) Harper/HarperCollins, 2014.
    294 pages (978-0-06-212027-4) Ages 8-12
  • Andrew Jacobson grew up in Milwaukee and now lives in Los Angeles, California.
  • Johnson, Molly M., illustrator. See Sandra L. Johnson below.
  • Molly M. Johnson lives in Denmark.
  • Johnson, Sandra L., author. Wisconsin's Rock Island: Images in Paintings and Verse.
    Illustrated by Molly M. Johnson.
    Window Box Books, 2014.
    28 pages (978-0-615-99637-0) Ages 5-10
  • A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Sandra L. Johnson lives in the Green Bay area.
  • Kehret, Peg, author. Dangerous Deception.
    Dutton, 2014.
    192 pages (978-0-525-42652-3) Ages 8-12
  • A current resident of Washington State, Peg Kehret was born in La Crosse.
  • Knier, Maria, author/illustrator. The Bezert.
    Little Bahalia Publishing, 2014.
    72 pages (978-0-9896688-4-2) Age 8 and older
  • Maria Knier lives in Milwaukee.
  • Krull, Kathleen, author. Lives of the Explorers: Discoveries, Disasters (and What the Neighbors Thought)
    Illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt.
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 96 pages (978-0-15-205910-1) Ages 8-12

  • Krull, Kathleen, author. What's New? The Zoo! A Zippy History of Zoos.
    Illustrated by Marcellus Hall.
    Arthur A. Levine Books / Scholastic, Inc., 2014. 40 pages (978-00-545-13571-9) Ages 4-8
    Born in Missouri, Kathleen Krull earned her BA from Lawrence University in Appleton. She worked for Raintree Publishers in Milwaukee and Western Publishing in Racine in the 1970s. She now lives in San Diego.
  • Kügler, Tina, illustrator. The Change Your Name Store.
    Written by Leanne Shirtliffe.
    Sky Pony Press, 2014. 32 pages (978-1-62873-608-3) Ages 4-8
    A native of Wisconsin, Tina Kügler lives in Los Angeles, California.
  • LaMarche, Jim, illustrator. Winter Is Coming.
    Written by Tony Johnston.
    A Paula Wiseman Book / Simon & Schuster, 2014. 32 pages (978-1-4424-7251-8) Ages 5-10
    Jim LaMarche grew up in Kewaskum and now lives in Santa Cruz, California.
  • Lichtenheld, Tom, illustrator. One Big Pair of Underwear.
    Written by Laura Gehl.
    Beach Lane, 2014.
    32 pages (978-1-4424-5336-4) Ages 3-7

  • Lichtenheld, Tom, illustrator. This is a Moose.
    Written by Richard T. Morris.
    Little, Brown, 2014.
    40 pages (978-0-316-21360-8) Ages 4-8
  • A current resident of Chicago, Illinois, Tom Lichtenheld has lived in Racine and Madison. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • Lucier, Makiia, author. A Death-Struck Year.
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014.
    282 pages (978-0-544-16450-5) Ages 12-15
  • A graduate of the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Makiia Lucier lives in Moscow, Idaho.
  • Mata, Julie, author. Kate Walden Directs: Night of the Zombie Chickens.
    Disney / Hyperion, 2014. 277 pages (978-1-4231-9459-0) Ages 10-14
  • Julie Mata lives in Neenah.
  • Niebruegge, Kersti, author. Mistake, Wisconsin.
    Kersti Niebruegge, 2014. 151 pages (9780990871019) Age 14 and older
  • A current resident of New York, Kersti Niebruegge grew up in the Milwaukee suburbs and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • O'Brien, Cindy Bandy, author. Can I Do It? Yes, I Can!
    Headline Kids, 2014. 32 pages (pbk 978-0938467-68-7) Ages 5-8
  • Cindy Bandy O'Brien grew up in Madison and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently resides in West Virginia.
  • Perry, Michael, author. The Scavengers.
    Harper / HarperCollins, 2014. 322 pages (978-0-06-202616-3) Ages 8-12
  • Michael Perry was born and raised near New Auburn. He now lives near Eau Claire.
  • Rosengren, Gayle, author. What the Moon Said.
    Putnam, 2014. 217 pages (978-0-399-16352-4) Ages 10-13
  • Gayle Rosengren lives just outside of Madison.
  • Roux, Madeleine, author. Sanctum.
    HarperCollins, 2014. 343 pages (978-0-06-222099-8) Age 13 and older
  • A graduate of the Beloit College MFA program, Madeleine now lives in Minnesota.
  • Schindler, S. D., illustrator. Brother Hugo and the Bear.
    Written by Katy Beebe. Eerdmans, 2014. 32 pages (978-0-8028-5407-0) Ages 4-8
  • S. D. Schindler is a native of Racine. He now lives in Philadelphia.
  • Swenson, Jamie A., author. If You Were a Dog.
    Illustrated by Chris Raschka.
    Farrar Straus Giroux, 2014. 40 pages (978-0-374-33530-4) Ages 3-7
  • Jamie Swenson lives in Janesville.
  • Tabak, Lawrence, author. In Real Life.
    Tuttle, 2014. 287 pages (978-0-8048-4478-9) Age 13 and older
  • Lawrence Tabak lives in Madison.
  • Tougas, Shelley, author. The Graham Cracker Plot.
    Roaring Brook Press, 2014. 278 pages (978-1-59643-988-7) Ages 8-12
  • Shelley Tougas lives in Hudson.
  • Underwood, Deborah, author. Bad Bye, Good Bye.
    Illustrated by Jonathan Bean.
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 32 pages (978-0-547-92852-4) Ages 3-6
  • Deborah Underwood spent her early childhood in Madison.
  • Zieba, Amanda, author. Breaking the Surface.
    Amanda Zieba, 2014. 199 pages (978-1494808464) Age 14 and older

  • Zieba, Amanda, author. Charles' Christmas Gift. (Orphan Train Riders)
    Amanda Zieba, 2014. 72 pages (978-1497538627) Ages 8-12

  • Zieba, Amanda, author. Irish Strong William. (Orphan Train Riders)
    Amanda Zieba, 2014. 59 pages (978-1497525528) Ages 8-12

  • Zieba, Amanda, author. Joanna's Journey (Orphan Train Riders)
    Amanda Zieba, 2014. 72 pages (978-1497538641) Ages 8-12
    Amanda Zieba lives in the Tomah area.

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