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"An Explanation of the Westing Game Manuscript Materials"

  • The Westing Game manuscript: Ellen Raskin (mp3) (Recorded May 2, 1978 in Madison, Wisconsin)

    You may view these scanned pages from the manuscript materials while you listen to the recording of Ellen Raskin's explanation. For your convenience, they have been placed in the order in which she speaks about them and the corresponding times have been included.

    The manuscript materials fall into four broad categories: proposal and drafts, final manuscript, working notes, and design. Ellen Raskin begins speaking about items in each of these categories about halfway into her lecture, after an introduction to her work as an author and illustrator in general. Numbers in parenthesis designate the time on the audiotape when Raskin begins speaking about that particular section. Follow the links for each section to get the accompanying visual material.

  • Proposal and Drafts (17:20)

  • Final Manuscript (22:25)

  • Working Notes and Research (23:14)

  • Book Design (30:53)

  • Illustration by Ellen Raskin from Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three

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