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by Hannah Moskowitz

Publisher: Simon Pulse, 2013
Pages: 246
ISBN: 9781442465329

CCBC Age Recommendation: Age 14 and older

CCBC Location: Fiction, Moskowitz

Violent Ends

Violent Ends

by Neal Shusterman, Shaun David Hutchinson, Beth Revis, Hannah Moskowitz, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Steve Brezenoff, E. M. Kokie, Trish Doller, Kendare Blake, Brendan Shusterman, Courtney Summers, Delilah S Dawson, Tom Leeven, Trish Doller, Mindi Scott, Margie Gelbwasser

Publisher: Simon Pulse, 2015
Pages: 338
ISBN: 9781481437455

CCBC Age Recommendation: Age 13 and older

CCBC Location: Fiction, Hutchinson