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5 Little Ducks

5 Little Ducks

by Denise Fleming

Publisher: Beach Lane, 2016
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9781481424226

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 2-5

CCBC Location: Picture Book, Fleming

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

by Albert Bitterman
Illustrated by Chris Raschka

Publisher: Beach Lane, 2011
Pages: 24
ISBN: 9781416968146

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 3-6

CCBC Location: Picture Book, Bitterman

Ma Dear's Aprons

Ma Dear's Aprons

by Patricia C. McKissack
Illustrated by Floyd Cooper

Publishers: Atheneum, Anne Schwartz Book, 1997
Pages: 32
ISBN: 0689810512

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 4-7

CCBC Location: Picture Book, McKissack

Monday Is One Day

Monday Is One Day

by Arthur A. Levine
Illustrated by Julian Hector

Publisher: Scholastic Press, 2011
Pages: 28
ISBN: 9780439789240

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 2-4

CCBC Location: Picture Book, Levine