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Adventures in Cartooning

Adventures in Cartooning

by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis Frederick-Frost
Illustrated by James Sturm, Alexis Frederick-Frost, Andrew Arnold

Publishers: First Second, Roaring Brook, 2009
Pages: 109
ISBN: 9781596433694

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 7-10

CCBC Location: Non-Fiction, 741.5 Sturm

Another Squiggly Story

Another Squiggly Story

by Andrew Larsen
Illustrated by Mike Lowery

Publisher: Kids Can, 2022
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9781525304828

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 6-9

CCBC Location: Picture Book, Larsen

Aunt Flossie's Hats (and Crab Cakes Later)

Aunt Flossie's Hats (and Crab Cakes Later)

by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard
Illustrated by James E. Ransome

Publisher: Clarion, 1991
Pages: 32
ISBN: 0395546826

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 4-8

CCBC Location: Picture Book, Howard

The Bear in the Book

The Bear in the Book

by Kate Banks
Illustrated by Georg Hallensleben

Publishers: Farrar Straus Giroux, Frances Foster Books, 2012
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9780374305918

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 3-6

CCBC Location: Picture Book, Banks

Before the Sword (Mulan)

Before the Sword (Mulan)

by Grace Lin

Publisher: Disney, 2020
Pages: 374
ISBN: 9781368020336

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 8-12

CCBC Location: Fiction, Lin

The Biggest Soap

by Carole Lexa Schaefer
Illustrated by Stacey Dressen-McQueen

Publishers: Farrar Straus Giroux, Melanie Kroupa Books, 2004
Pages: 32
ISBN: 0374306907

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 4-7

CCBC Location: Picture Book, Schaefer

The Bone Sparrow

The Bone Sparrow

by Zana Fraillon

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion, 2016
Pages: 228
ISBN: 9781484781517

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 10-13

CCBC Location: Fiction, Fraillon

The Book of Pearl

The Book of Pearl

by Timothee de Fombelle
Translated by Sarah Ardizzone, Sam Gordon

Publisher: Candlewick, 2018
Pages: 355
ISBN: 9780763691264

CCBC Age Recommendation: Age 12 and older

CCBC Location: Fiction, Fombelle

Boys without Names

Boys without Names

by Kashmira Sheth

Publishers: Balzer + Bray, HarperCollins, 2010
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780061857607

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 9-13

CCBC Location: Fiction, Sheth

Catching a Storyfish

Catching a Storyfish

by Janice N. Harrington

Publishers: Highlights, WordSong, 2016
Pages: 221
ISBN: 9781629794297

CCBC Age Recommendation: Ages 8-11

CCBC Location: Fiction, Harrington