Visiting the CCBC

The CCBC is a non-circulating children’s and young adult literature library for adults with an interest in children’s and young adult literature. We are located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, but you don’t need to be affiliated with the university to use the library—anyone can visit the during our public service hours.

Making the Most of Your Visit

If you’re coming with a particular goal or need, we encourage you to contact us in advance so we can help you make the most of your visit. We also want to make sure you’re coming at a time when the books you want to see are here, since we take selected books—typically current CCBC Choices titles—with us when we do outreach programs around Wisconsin. (Read more about our education and outreach services to Wisconsin librarians and teachers.)

If you know you want to meet with one of the CCBC librarians when you come, you must contact us in advance to be certain one of the professional staff will be available. When you contact us, it’s helpful if you provide a list of questions or topics you would like to discuss.

The CCBC is not a library serving children or families.

CCBC Collections Map


Cooperative Children’s Book Center
401 Teacher Education Building
225 N. Mills Street
Madison, WI 53706, USA

Phone: 608-263-3720

UW-Madison Campus Map


There is very limited street parking on Mills Street (across the street from Teacher Education and on Brooks Street (behind Teacher Education). The parking meters take coins or credit cards: $2/hour.

The closest city ramp is the City of Madison ramp located on Lake Street between University Avenue and State Street. The walk to the CCBC is about four blocks. See the interactive campus map at top of page.

UW Parking Lots and Ramps

Weekdays, Evenings and Weekends

  • Lot 44 (one block away): Is available to visitors who purchase a permit in advance. It is best to plan more than a week in ahead, in which case a permit can be purchased (if available for selected date) using the UW online ordering system . Permits for the same week or day, if available, must be purchased in person at the Transportation Services office, 21 N. Park Street (drive-in service available). Both half-day (a.m. or p.m.) or full-day permits can be requested. This lot requires a permit at all times. The lot is located on Dayton Street between Park and Mills streets.
  • Lot 7 (1-1/2 blocks away): This lot beneath Grainger Hall is gated underground parking available on a first-come, first serve basis. Pull a ticket when you enter. Entrance on Brooks Street between University and Johnson.

Evenings/Weekends Only

  • Lot 45 (across Dayton street): Is free to visitors after 4:30 weekdays and on weekends (it is not available to visitors before 4:30 weekdays). It is located right across Dayton Street from Teacher Education. Enter on Mills Street. (Note: this lot is reserved for some sporting events in fall and winter.)

Note: Check the campus transportation events calendar to make sure there aren’t restrictions on a specific lot the evening or weekend day you are coming. Some lots are reserved on specific dates for various campus sporting events.

Accessibility and Services

A UW Disabled/Accessibility permit is required to park in disabled stalls in Lot 92, behind Teacher Education. Visitors can purchase a one-day UW-Accessibility permit in the Transportation Services Drive-Thru Office at 21 N. Park Street. A State DOT-issued disabled placard is required to secure the permit. The cost is $9 for ½ day or $15 for a full day.

The ADA accessible entrance to the Teacher Education Building is on the Dayton Street side of the building. (Neither the main entrance on Mills Street or the back entrance off the parking lot behind the building are accessible.) The Dayton Street entrance can be reached from sidewalk along Dayton Street. The lot behind the building does connect to the Dayton Street entry (via a somewhat circuitous route).

There are men’s and women’s multi-stall restrooms on every floor of the Teacher Education Building. The restrooms on the first floor have larger and more accessible stalls. There is a single stall, all-gender bathroom in the Educational Sciences building next door to Teacher Education.

Need a lactation room? Contact us in advance.

Finding the CCBC in Teacher Education

Take the building elevator or stairs to the fourth floor. The CCBC is in Room 401 (just across from top of stairs, to the left as you exit elevator).

You can also access the CCBC from inside the MERIT library. Enter the library on the third floor and take the internal staircase up to the fourth floor.