For UW classes

entry to libraryThe Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC) of the School of Education is a noncirculating collection of children’s and young adult literature located in Room 401 Teacher Education, 225 N. Mills Street (upstairs from the main floor of MERIT Library).

We love sharing our passion for children’s and young adult literature with university students and classes.

The CCBC has an extensive collection of books published for children and teenagers in the United States in the 20th century, as well as many resources about children’s and young adult literature. CCBC librarians are children’s and young adult literature specialists, and we want to help you in any way we can.

Most campus users of the CCBC are involved in teacher or librarian education, but the interdiscplinary nature of children’s literature, as well as its connection to the arts, draws individuals from across many academic disciplines to our library.

Due to COVID 19 we are unable to host classes or groups at the CCBC at this time.  Faculty and TAs can inquire about virtual presentations to classes; researchers can contact librarian Megan Schliesman (schliesman at to request a visit by appointment .

Faculty and TAs

Class Visits

We’re happy to host your class in our conference room for a presentation about the CCBC and literature for children and young adults. If you are working on a research project related to children’s and young adult literature, we’re also happy to be of assistance.

We encourage you to let us know you’re coming even if you’re just stopping by with your class to browse.  (Because we also provide outreach around Wisconsin, there are times some books will not be on the shelves.)

CCBC librarians are children’s and young adult literature specialists. We want to help you and your students make use of our collections and resources in any way we can. As you plan your courses we are happy to:

  • identify new and recently published children’s or young adult literature to include on a syllabus or as supplementary reading material
  • put the children’s and young adult books on your syllabus on a reserve shelf here at our library (note: we do not have electronic reserves at the CCBC)
  •  provide your students with a tour of the CCBC and overview of our services
  • present on a wide range of topics, from recent outstanding books to books on specific themes and topics, to diversity in literature and publishing, to intellectual freedom

Request a Class Visit/Presentation


If you are working on research that intersects with children’s and young adult literature, we’d love to talk with you and see if we can be of assistance! Our work documenting diversity has statistical data that may be of particular interest to some. Contact us to arrange to meet with a CCBC librarian.


The CCBC can help you as you look for children’s and young adult literature and related resources for:

  • course assignments
  • practicums
  • student teaching

or any other need, in addition to helping you with any projects or research interests that relate to children’s and young adult literature.

The CCBC is a noncirculating library. This means books cannot be checked out, and the resources are available whenever we are open.  Stop by the CCBC during our public service hours, or contact us to find out more.