CCBC Intellectual Freedom Information Services

promotional bookmarkThe CCBC confidentially assists Wisconsin librarians and teachers when they are facing potential or actual book challenges. (The CCBC is unable to provide this service to teachers and librarians outside of Wisconsin.)

If you are a Wisconsin librarian or teacher facing a challenge, or a question has been raised about a book and you think a complaint or challenge may follow, contact us.   During COVID-19 closures, we ask that you email us (ccbcinfo at Please include a phone number at which a CCBC librarian can call you back.

The CCBC will compile and send information about the specific title or titles. The information available varies from book to book, but may include the following:

  • Professional reviews
  • Awards & distinctions that the book has received
  • Articles about the book, or relating to the nature of the complaint, including:
    • Author
    • Genre
    • Audience
    • Content

In addition, the CCBC can make referrals to area consultants at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

The CCBC does not take a position on individual books in a library or classroom. All services are free of charge.