CCBC Choices

CCBC Choices is a best-of-the-year list created annually by the librarians of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center.

Books recommended in CCBC Choices are included in the searchable CCBC-Recommended Book Search database.

CCBC Choices 2023

CCBC Choices 2023, recommending 211 books published in 2022 for children and teens from birth through high school age, is now available!

CCBC Choices 2023 is a digital publication. Entries for each book includes full bibliographic citation, annotation, age recommendation and cover image, and a link to the book’s entry in the CCBC-Recommended Book Search database, where custom lists can be created. The publication also includes an introductory essay and name/title index.

Past Editions of CCBC Choices

Past editions of CCBC Choices are available as PDFs online through the University of Wisconsin Digital Library. (This is not a searchable database.) Annotations from CCBC Choices since 1990 are part of the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database, a subscription-based searchable database with reviews from the CCBC and many other sources.

Choices Essays on Publishing Trends

Each edition of CCBC Choices includes observations on books in Choices as they relate to publishing trends that we observed in the previous year. Read our annual essays, which are part of our occasional On Books and Publishing series.