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What IF is a question-and-answer forum for teachers, school and public librarians and others in the library and education fields.

The What IF forum is a place to turn to ask questions before a challenge occurs, and to help think through what the principles of intellectual freedom look like in practice.

First time visiting this forum? We recommend reading The Most Important Thing in Responding to Materials Challenge as a starting point, providing essential information in preparing for and responding to concerns and challenges.

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What IF questions and responses about:

What IF questions and responses about:


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  • Worried about District Support for Classroom Books

    Q:  I’m a classroom teacher and I feel like my district administration has become fearful of the potential for complaints from parents about what we’re teaching, especially with all the attempts around the country to …

  • Preparing for a Complaint Pt. 2

    Q:  I read your advice on preparing in advance to respond to a concern or complaint. It all makes sense but I feel like I should be doing more, given everything that’s been happening over …

  • Restrictions on Books and Access to Materials in the School Library

    Q:  I’ve seen several news stories recently in which districts have “restricted” some titles and students must get permission to check them out, and/or parents have the option of prohibiting their children from checking anything …

  • Updating the Request for Reconsideration Form

    Q: Do you have suggestions for changes we might make to our public library’s reconsideration process to discourage challenges from people who haven’t even looked at the materials they are challenging firsthand? It’s so frustrating …

  • Requests to Purchase “Propaganda”

    Q: My public library has received several requests to purchase books that are outside the scope of what we would typically collect. The request is for a subscription book series designed for the consumer (home) …

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