CCBC Collections FAQs

CCBC Collections Overview

How many new books does the CCBC receive every year?

In any given year we receive 3,500+ newly published books at the CCBC. The actual number varies from year to year, but typically doesn’t go below 3,500.

Do you have books in languages other than English?

No, with the exception of a very small number of books in Spanish that we keep as a sampling of what U.S. publishers are offering—most of these are translations of picture books previously published in English. We also do have some bilingual books; most of these are in Spanish/English.

Do you have audiobooks or e-books?

No, we only have print books.

Can I check books out of the CCBC?

The CCBC is a noncirculating library, which means we don’t check books out.

The good news is that this means the books are here when you need them, whether you’re coming from across campus or across the state. (Do call ahead if you are traveling–we do take books with us when we make off-campus presentations and want to help you plan a visit at a time when all the new books will be here.) And if you are working on a project, we are happy to hold books for you here at the library for several days so you don’t have to track them down again when you return.

If you need books for a class presentation, we encourage you to plan ahead in order to obtain the books you need from another campus library, or from the Madison Public Library. If you are doing a practicum or student teaching in an area school, we also encourage you to see if the school library has what you need for use on-site. We do allow limited short-term, same-day borrowing for in-building use; ask at our Reference Desk for details.

I have a collection of children’s books—some are from my childhood and some go back to my mother’s childhood. Can I donate them to the CCBC?

Thank you for thinking of us. Unfortunately the CCBC is unable to take donations of older children’s books for our collections.