Henry, Like Always

Henry, Like Always cover
Henry, Like Always by Jenn Bailey. Illustrated by Mika Song

By Jenn Bailey
Illustrated by Mika Song
Chronicle, 2023
40 pages

Ages 4-8

In Classroom Ten, Mrs. Tanaka keeps a predictable schedule. To Henry’s satisfaction, the Big Calendar looks the same every week—except for this Monday, when Mrs. Tanaka makes an unexpected announcement. In lieu of Friday afternoon Share Time, the class will have a special parade. Distressed by the disruption to his routine, Henry, who is autistic, feels off-kilter the entire week. During Art Time, he stubbornly makes a poster for Share Time rather than for the parade. He dislikes the jangle of the tambourine he has to play during Music Time. And during the rescheduled Share Time, Henry leaves class with a stomach ache—Thursday is not the right day for Share Time. On Friday, though, Henry, who appears Asian, and his classmate, Samuel, make a trade: Samuel will play Henry’s tambourine during the parade, and Henry will don the soft, noise-blocking marching band hat that Samuel was going to wear as parade leader. Each of the boys is pleased with this solution and much more comfortable with his new item and role. Watercolor and ink illustrations with soft blue accents accompany this perfectly paced early chapter book about a resourceful boy.  ©2023 Cooperative Children’s Book Center