Honey and Me

Honey and Me cover
Honey and Me by Meira Drazin

By Meira Drazin
Scholstic Press, 2022
283 pages

Ages 9-13

A coming-of-age novel follows Modern Orthodox Milla and her best friend Honey (both white) as they prepare for their bat mitzvahs and navigate the ups and downs of a school year. Milla and Honey have been best friends forever, but this year Honey will be attending Milla’s school for the first time. Initially ecstatic, Milla quickly finds it a challenge to navigate popular, outspoken Honey’s presence in her class. But outside of school, Milla still enjoys spending time with Honey’s large, loud family—so different from her own. Although she loves her cool, 25-year-old aunt Steph, Milla finds her mom too controlling and protective and longs to have more control over her own life and choices. In a year marked by friends’ bat mitzvah celebrations, the death of a beloved teacher, and a tense speech competition, Milla and Honey experience the push and pull of their relationship as they each begin to grow into their own individual selves. Honey makes the controversial decision to learn to chant Torah for her bat mitzvah, while Milla finds confidence in standing up for herself and opening up communication with her mother. In the end, each girl—and their friendship—comes out stronger in a slice-of-life tale strongly oriented around Jewish holidays and Modern Orthodox culture. ©2023 Cooperative Children’s Book Center