Sona Sharma: Very Best Big Sister?

Sona Sharma: Very Best Big Sister? cover
Sona Sharma: Very Best Big Sister? by Chitra Soundar. Illustrated by Jen Khatun

By Chitra Soundar
Illustrated by Jen Khatun
Candlewick, 2021
102 pages

Ages 6-9

Sona lives in India with her parents, Amma and Appa; her paternal grandparents, Paati and Thatha; and her “talking” stuffed elephant. Her maternal grandmother, whom everyone calls The President, lives nearby. Sona’s amma is expecting a baby, and the entire family is preparing for its arrival: dusting off an old crib, unpacking Sona’s old baby clothes, and, most importantly, compiling lists of potential boy and girl names. Sona is asked to help by thinking of a special girl name. In a Hindu ceremony ten days after birth, the baby will be given three names. Despite her uncertainty about losing her only-child status, when the baby is born Sona immediately loves her. Now, new worries creep in. What if Sona can’t think of a name? What if she’s not a good big sister? With the support and love of her family, Sona is inspired to step up and embrace her new role in this early chapter book bursting with cultural detail, childlike emotion, and appealing characters. ©2021 Cooperative Children’s Book Center