With a Little Luck

With a Little Luck cover
With a Little Luck by Marissa Meyer

By Marissa Meyer
Feiwel & Friends / Macmillan, 2024
360 pages

Age 12 and older

High school junior Jude has a big, loving family; a supportive, insightful best friend in talented songwriter Ari; a love of drawing and creating D&D adventures for his friends; and a fear of asking out Maya, whom he’s had a crush on since 7th grade. Why set himself up for rejection? Maya (Black) is smart and popular; Jude (white) likes flying under the radar. But when Jude starts having a run of extraordinary luck after finding a ruby-red 20-sided die, it’s the confidence boost he needs. He asks Maya to a concert  he won VIP tickets to and they have a great time. She’s soon fitting right in with his D&D group. But there’s no spark of romance. Just after Jude realizes the person he does have feelings for is Ari, he loses the die. Suspecting it was magical, he’s sure of it when a string of disasters ensues. Signs that Ari (Mexican American) might have feelings for him, too, aren’t enough to overcome Jude’s uncertainty about telling her how he feels. This delightful romantic comedy infused with music (Jude and his siblings are all named for Beatles songs) and a little magic shines with a vividly drawn cast of characters. The nerd humor is witty and respectful; diversity (race, gender, sexuality) is matter-of-fact; warmth among characters is genuine; and Jude’s creativity, caring, and growing confidence are a perfect match for Ari’s own in this stand-alone book 2 in the Fortuna Beach series. ©2024 Cooperative Children’s Book Center