A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends

A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends
A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends by Philip Waechter. Translated from the German by Melody Shaw

By Philip Waechter
Translated from the German by Melody Shaw
U.S. edition: Gecko Press, 2022
28 pages

Ages 4-7

When his usual tactics to alleviate boredom don’t work, Raccoon decides to bake an apple cake. Out of eggs, he heads to Fox’s to borrow some. Fox is busy fixing her roof and needs a ladder, so the two set off to get one from Badger. “Perfect … A walk with Fox,” thinks Raccoon. They find Badger puzzling over a crossword clue about honey. Clearly, Bear, a honey expert, is the one to ask, so the trio make for Bear’s, stopping to pick blackberries on the way. “Perfect…A picnic with Badger and Raccoon,” thinks Fox. Bear isn’t home, but Crow knows where to find her. The four journey to the river. “Perfect … A climbing expedition with Raccoon, Fox and Crow,” thinks Badger. At the river, Bear is fishing. “Perfect … A fishing trip with Raccoon, Badger, Fox and Bear,” thinks Crow. Soon fishing is forgotten in favor of diving into the water. “Perfect … A swim with Raccoon, Fox, Badger and Crow,” thinks Bear. This subtly patterned, clever cumulative story unwinds as the group retraces their steps at the end of the day, completing their tasks with the help of the others. The penultimate reward? Apple cake for all. The ultimate reward? A perfect, wonderful day with friends, of course! Winsome, detailed illustrations in pen, crayon, and ink amplify the appeal. ©2022 Cooperative Children’s Book Center