On the Edge of the World

Vera lives on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, with the Pacific Ocean stretching out beyond the coast. “My mom says we’re on the real edge of the world.” Lucas lives with his family in a small town on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Chile. “It’s the real edge of the world!” his grandmother tells him. 


Grandpa wants to talk about Finn’s “horrible mood,” but Finn declines, believing that Grandpa doesn’t understand how Finn is feeling. Finn agrees to a walk but insists on remaining cloaked in a blanket.

What My Daddy Loves

“My daddy loves starting the day with me.”  On each page spread, a simple first-person statement about what the daddy shown loves doing “with me” accompanies an illustration showing a different Black dad and his young child engaged in the activity the child names.

Night Owl Night

Sova’s mom is a scientist who studies saw whet owls. From the time she’s a little girl, Sova asks if she can come along when her mom monitors owl migration each October. Each time her mom explains, “A scientist must learn to wait.”

My Baba’s Garden

Each day before school a young boy rides with his dad “past mountains that look like whale bellies” to his Baba’s. He finds his grandmother in the kitchen, “hidden in the steam of boiling potatoes, dancing between the sink, fridge, and stove.”

Rabbit, Duck, and Big Bear

Rabbit, Duck, and Big Bear are forest friends who “do everything together,” relishing one another’s company. Their seasonal activities are full of delight, but never include venturing down one particular winding path in the woods; Duck and Big Bear always suggest reasons to avoid it.