Boyogi: How a Wounded Family Learned to Heal

By David Barclay Moore
Illustrated by Noa Denmon
Candlewick, 2023
32 pages

Boyogi cover
Boyogi: How a Wounded Family Learned to Heal by David Barclay Moore


Ages 4–8

A young boy’s father has returned “from far away,” where he was a soldier, changed. Daddy used to be fun, but now he’s angry and sad and spends a lot of time in his room. The boy’s mother explains that Daddy’s mind is hurt by bad things that happened while he was gone, and she assures the boy that they are trying to figure out how to help Daddy feel better. One day Mommy insists Daddy come with her to a yoga class at the Y. The boy goes, too, and watches as the instructor explains the importance of practicing yoga with calm, positive thoughts, adding that anyone who practices yoga is called a yogi. Soon the boy and his daddy are regular attendees. “My favorite was Cobra Pose, because it made me feel like a snake!” Daddy tells him, “You’re a regular little boyogi.” Daddy adds that yoga has helped him feel better–less jumpy and nervous and sad. “My therapist tells me yoga has helped a lot.” Clean-lined digital art illustrates this child-centered story about a Black family impacted by one parent’s PTSD. ©2023 Cooperative Children’s Book Center