Cat Dog Dog

Cat Dog Dog cover
Cat Dog Dog by Nelly Buchet

By Nelly Buchet
Illustrated by Andrea Zuill

Published by Schwartz & Wade
32 pages
ISBN: 978-1-9848-4899-4

Ages 3-7

This fresh, warm, funny account about members of a newly configured household learning to get along revolves around two dogs (one small, one large) and a cat. The small dog belongs to a white man. The large dog and cat belong to a brown-skinned woman. When the man moves in with the woman, the three animals have some adjusting to do. In a picture book perfect for beginning readers, the spare, repetitive text is limited to labeling the animals on each page (e.g., “Dog,” “Dog Cat,” “Dog Cat Dog”), incorporating an occasional surprise word related to several scenes (“Bird,” “Frog”), including the surprise in the final one. The spirited ink and digital illustrations are full of humor in details familiar to any pet owner (3 boxes labeled “Dog Box” for the move; the animals’ manic pursuit of one another; bed wars), while visual clues mark the passage of time across the seasons as the trio gradually moves from suspicion and uncertainty to a tight-knit bond.  ©2020 Cooperative Children’s Book Center