Flash and Gleam: Light in Our World

Flash and Gleam cover
Flash and Gleam by Sue Fliess. Illustrated by Khoa Le

by Sue Fliess
Illustrated by Khoa Le

Millbrook, 2020
32 pages

Ages 3-7

Each page or spread of this creative look at many ways light is part of our lives features one or more rhyming couplets describing light in a specific context set against an illustration showing an accompanying scene. “Bolt / Flash / Thunder and crash”: A brown-skinned family sits inside during a thunderstorm. “Color / Bend / Find the end”: A light-skinned child looks at a rainbow. The warm, inviting illustrations showcase four diverse families, with some of the scenes reflecting religious and/or culturally distinct observances and celebrations—Yi Peng (Thai), Diwali (Hindu), Hanukkah, Christmas, as well as secular (Fourth of July). Weather, seasons, celebrations, community… a picture book rich with thematic connections ends with a note providing information about the science of light and about the specific observances referenced. ©2020 Cooperative Children’s Book Center