Peace cover
Peace by Baptiste Paul and Miranda Paul. Illustrated by Estelí Meza

by Baptise Paul and Miranda Paul
Illustrated by Estelí Meza
North South, 2021
36 pages

Ages 3-7

A picture book inviting young readers and listeners to consider the concept of “peace” features a rhyming narrative with statements as welcome as they are sometimes surprising (e.g, “Peace is pronouncing your friend’s name correctly … Peace comes from giving far more than you take. / It’s something we work toward, it’ something we make”). The idea that peace is created by intention gives agency to the book’s audience, providing concrete examples of actions that can matter, whether seemingly simple (a smile, a hug, an apology) or the consideration of big ideas (what is a courageous act, what does it mean to choose peace?), in examples that range from the concrete to metaphorical. In a note, the authors talk about the impact of global conflict on animals in addition to humans, explaining that the animals featured along with children in the lush, cozy, comforting illustrations include those that are cultural symbols of peace from countries around the world. ©2021 Cooperative Children’s Book Center