Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover)

Sheepish cover
Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover) by Helen Yoon

By Helen Yoon
Candlewick Press, 2021
32 pages

Ages 3-6

It’s not a new idea: A wolf decked out in fluffy wool infiltrates a community of sheep in hopes of scoring a tasty meal of mutton. His multi-step plan includes being helpful (clearing the cafeteria tables), handy (chopping firewood), and a team player (group aerobics). He’s supremely confident that no one has detected his true identity. The illustrations tell another story: a sheep community immediately aware of the intruder in their midst, and ever attentive to his presence. The wolf discovers even the best laid plans can go awry, in this case when a lamb gives the wolf a cheek kiss in appreciation for his read-aloud story time. Heart melted, the wolf heads home in defeat and repurposes his costume into sheep decorations for the fireplace mantel. He’s consulting vegetarian cookbooks when a knock at the door heralds the arrival of the sheep herd, decked out in handmade wolf-ish wear, looking for their missing visitor. The whimsy and charm of the mixed-media illustrations and clever text give fresh life to a familiar tale. ©2021 Cooperative Children’s Book Center