Sorry, Snail

Sorry, Snail cover
Sorry Snail by Tracy Subisak

By Tracy Subisak
Little, Brown, 2023
32 pages

Ages 4-8

Ari is mad, and dancing her feelings out isn’t helping. A snail in the yard provides an outlet for her anger as she furiously whispers, “Look at that slimy body … That silly shell.” She gets right in its face and adds, “Those tentacle eyes! I just can’t look at you anymore, snail.” The snail “zooms” away (at a snail’s pace). That night, Ms. Snail appears at Ari’s bedside. Telling Ari that her day was ruined by the insults, she requests an apology. Looking into Ari’s soul, Ms. Snail isn’t fooled by Ari’s insincere “I’m sorry.” Ms. Snail appears again the next day, and this time she’s brought backup: An “escargatoire” comprised of her snaily friends, who sing Ms. Snail’s praises and demand Ari apologize. Ari is incensed: Her day is ruined; the snails should apologize to her! Only then does Ari stop and think, remembering that she had ruined Ms. Snail’s day, and knowing what she needs to do to make things right. This time her apology—involving chalk art and a fine speech—is sincere, and Ms. Snail’s is, too: They can tell when they look into each other’s souls. The absurd premise paired with genuine feelings and behavior delivers a life lesson with breezy-ness and ease in this winning picture book featuring spirited, colorful multimedia illustrations. ©2023 Cooperative Children’s Book Center