Star Fishing

Star Fishing cover
Star Fishing by Sang-Keun Kim

By Sang-Keun Kim
Abrams, 2022
48 pages

Ages 2-4

“It’s the kind of night when you just can’t fall asleep. You feel as though everyone in the world is asleep but you.” A small child dressed in bunny pajamas is wide awake in the peaceful calm of a deep-blue-hued bedroom, longing to play. In the midnight-blue sky, on the crescent moon, Little Rabbit casts down a bright yellow star on a gossamer string and pulls the child up. From their vantage point high above the earth, Little Rabbit and the child can see others who are awake–a crab, a fox, and two bears. They cast stars and reel them up one by one to join them. The group sits in the cradle of the moon dangling strings from poles, now capturing a cluster of yellow stars that eventually expands to fill the pages. They play on the bed of light until they tire. Little Rabbit cuddles them one by one and they drift off to sleep before Little Rabbit sends them each back home. Dreamy, hypnotic illustrations in deep blues and bright yellows, with occasional touches of white and brown, perfectly complement the quiet repetition of a lulling narrative that ingeniously replicates the sense of being rocked to sleep. This picture book that feels like being on the edge a dream world and then sinking into sleep is likely to pull even wide awake young listeners into their own dream worlds at bedtime. ©2022 Cooperative Children’s Book Center