When Rosie Walks George

When Rosie Walks George cover
When Rosie Walks George by Amy Hest. Illustrated by Taeeun Yoo

By Amy Hest
Illustrated by Taeeun Yoo
Two Lions / Amazon, 2024
32 pages

Ages 3-7

“George is old and deaf in one ear, and he doesn’t run fast anymore.” The brown-spotted white dog, clearly beloved, still needs to go for walks, however. Rosie is too little to walk George alone but sometimes the whole family walks him along the beach near their home. Rosie, the youngest, “lags behind, rolling her ball near the sea.” George is slow too. “He steps. And stops. And looks around.” He notices birds and shells and waves. And Rosie. “He keeps an eye on Rosie.” As George and Rosie follow the others, Rosie rolls her red ball and cartwheels. George sniffs and soaks up the sun, steps and stops, and keeps his eye on Rosie. Sensory language, skillful pacing, and small satisfying moments of repetition immerse children in a story that defies predictability, taking a gently surprising turn when Rosie’s ball is lost to the waves. George watches the ball float out to sea. And watches. “All through the dark summer night until morning … when a bright red dot rolls off a wave and onto the beach.” The wonderful narrative is paired with lovely illustrations that evoke the seashore and a loving, multiracial family. The art also subtly reflects the passage of time referenced at story’s end. Rosie is a little bit older (her hair visibly longer), and so is George. “But he still needs a walk. And he still keeps an eye on Rosie.” ©2024 Cooperative Children’s Book Center