Moth: An Evolution Story

Moth: An Evolution Story by Isabel Thomas
Moth: An Evolution Story by Isabel Thomas

by Isabel Thomas
Illustrated by Daniel Egnéus

Published by U.S. edition: Bloomsbury, 2019
48 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5476-0020-5

Age 6-9

“This is a story of light and dark. Of change and adaptation, of survival and hope.” Once, most peppered moths had “speckled, freckled” wings—black on white. Occasionally they were born with charcoal wings—easily spotted by predators. It was the speckled ones that survived to breed. Then came the Industrial Revolution. Coal blackened everything, and the speckled moths were more easily spotted and eaten. More charcoal moths survived to breed, passing down their traits. Fifty years passed, and the majority of peppered moths were the color of charcoal. Then, efforts to clean the environment slowly brightened the world. Today, peppered moths are a mix—some speckled (light form), some charcoal (dark form) as their story continue This lyrical accounting of one of the most famous and accessible examples of evolution in action through adaptation and natural selection is set against striking illustrations and accompanied by an informative end note. ©2019 Cooperative Children’s Book Center