What are the most important things everyone should know about the CCBC Diversity Statistics?

Below are four key points anyone wanting to use the CCBC Diversity Statistics data should know:

  • The CCBC does not receive everything published each year for children and teens; we do receive what we consider a significant sampling, typically 3,500-4,000 books a year.
  • Comparing percentages from year to year is the best way to compare two years or look at data over a period of time.
  • Percentages with and/or across content or creator categories cannot be added together to reach 100. There is overlap within and across categories as a single book or individual may be reflected in multiple data points for content and/or creator. Read more here. .
  • Our data collection has evolved and continues to evolve. Read more here.

Additionally, our FAQs about what we count and analyze and how we count and analyze illuminate some of the complexity and nuance involved in this work and are essential reading for anyone digging more deeply into our data.